Light obeyed increaseth light, Light rejected bringeth night,
Who shall give me power to choose, If the love of light I lose?


What Is That?

“What is that?” is an exceptional short-film about the relationship between a father & son. An aging father suffering from Alzheimer is excited watching a sparrow & would like to know what is that from his son who is busy reading a paper & yells him for asking it repeatedly. Dejected father walks in & gets back with a diary which shows the same sequence of events but many years back when the son was young & how the aging father had treated him fondly with affection every time the question was asked than yelled at. Son understands his mistake & hugs his father. Very poetic…

Respect, Care, Patience & Love are great words to read but it is somehow lost in this fast moving world. Many of us do not have the time to spend with family running after something for the ones we care while forgetting the fact that all they need is a caring word & affection. Respect your parents, show that you care & love them which would really make a difference cos you might be in the same situation in few years from now.

Chalking the Door

This short liturgy is a way of marking our homes, usually at the front or main entrance, with sacred signs and symbols as we ask God's blessing upon those who live, work, or visit throughout the coming year.

The Grand Miracle

The Incarnation of Jesus Christ is the Grand Miracle. So this reflection on the subject of one of C.S. Lewis’ essays  is a reflection on what we celebrate at Christmas.